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More Fall Decor Tips to Make Your Home Look Amazing

Fall Home Decor

More Fall Decor Tips to Make Your Home Look Amazing

I love to decorate – so much so that I consider it a hobby of mine! People jokingly ask me all the time to decorate their homes. They just don’t realize how much I would actually LOVE to, LOL! Today on the blog, I’m going over a few more fall decor tips to make your home look amazing this season.

You’ll notice my color palette is COMPLETELY different than that of my office. (At McCabe Realty, everything is grey & white or stained wood. Stay tuned for our conference area & table, by the way…) Anyhoooo, at home I decorate with dark stained wood, cowhide and deep red color pops. (And you’ll notice I always decorate INSIDE my fireplace – but that’s because our fireplace is NOT USED and is NOT CONNECTED so PLEASE don’t put your decor inside your actual fireplace… you know I had to say it, LOL!)

First, I recommend starting with a few staple pieces of decor that you keep out year round. On the mantle, I keep the large metal windmill & the big bundle of flowers – I do add or remove different flowers to it throughout the year. During fall, I add that large burnt orange one you see at the top right of the bundle. Three other staple pieces I keep throughout the year – the antique fire extinguisher (a good friend gave that to us as a gift because my husband is a fireman) the metal can, & the wooden ladder. I actually have several different paintings so the painted buffalo gets shuffled in and out of rotation. Don’t be afraid to grab a couple of pretty paintings from Hobby Lobby to swap out throughout the year.

Second, decide on your main color palette & then grab seasonal decor in those hues. This year, I’m seeing lots of orange & light blue/teal together for a fun fall pop. From the full photo of my fireplace, you can see my main seasonal color for fall is burnt orange. The wreath, flowers, candles, colored glass, pumpkins, & fall leaves, etc. all have some burnt orange. Then add in your second color pop – for me, that would be a little bit of yellow & some deep reds.

Third, texturize & stagger… Grab decorations that are made of different materials. You’ll be surprised how quickly it adds variety to your decor. Some of my pumpkins are made of grapevines, some from cornhusks, leaves, twine, etc. I also stagger their placement instead of lining them up in a straight row. Staggering your decor gives depth to your display & is much more appealing to the eye.

If you’d like to see how I decorate at the office – just take a look at the McCabe Realty fall decor blog post by clicking anywhere in this sentence.

Until next time, HAPPY DECORATING!    -Anne McCabe


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